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Saturday, February 2, 2013

NFS Underground 2 New Themes

_____Theme for U2 By Orane Bartley______
This mod is a must have....u wont regret this....
*New ingame icons
*New HUD and N2o metre
*New Cursors and other small textures
*Optional - New MW Custom Text System {English only} (NFS U2 directory/LANGUAGES/English.bin) *New Outrun meter
*MW Intro
*New Particle System
*new skyline brake light LED
*new showroom new garage
*new display icons
*new transparent menu (borders & icons)
*New Track logo
*new loading animation
*new nissan 350z loading screen nfsmw start logo...EA Games
*new shops icons better nfsug 2 world..... Car sound Mod too
*new hd carbon fibre....
*new exhaust flames and more....

 1. Download the archive and extract the contents to any location.
2. Copy the folders 'FRONTEND', 'GLOBAL', 'LANGUAGES', 'MOVIES' and 'TRACKS' to your NFS Underground 2 main directory, when asked to merge folders, click yes
3. Start NFS U2 and enjoy!  if you find more, or want help, contact me - vjorane@gmaill.com


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